Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Picture of the Week

This picture is titled "Motion" and it does resemble images created to represent a black hole where not even light can escape its gravity. The feeling this picture invokes is like being pulled toward something powerful, you cannot escape and you are compelled to move closer and closer to a destination that lies somewhere over the event horizon.
I chose this image because it visualizes the Internet to me and all the spectrum of knowledge that is out there, pulling at our minds to come and discover. The multi-colored light is like how all the different data moves down a path to the common shared data network. Since light is made up of many colors, so too is data, made up of thoughts and images and digital data stores all being blended with other bands of light to create a new color. When we look at all the computer labs and networking equipment here at IUSB to support the mission of education, this image is just one small way to visualize the Internet and how we use it today in research, learning and entertainment.
Everyone who comes to IUSB, faculty, staff, and students are compelled to be here. Whether to work, the desire to be educated, or the zeal to teach, we are pulled to this center of learning. From here we can reach out to the world on a computer to communicate, to teach, be entertained, and to learn. How much knowledge can be pulled into the mind of a eager student? With computers that knowledge is endless.

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Vicci Moore said...

The frivolous female feature of my character set says "ooh pretty colors". And they are.

Granted it is not feasible to use a very large picture for the blog. However the size of this picture does not do it justice. Paste it into a landscaped oriented document page and stretch it as far as it fits. You will then truly understand the visual impact of this photo and its representation of the magnetic pull into the world of perpetual knowledge that can be obtained through the internet Jake speaks of.