Thursday, September 25, 2008

My favorite spots on the web.

The Drudge Report..."the scandalous rumor mill" ,aka news blog, that I love to visit. Here I can read the latest news stories and there are many links to other blogs and news outlets. I find that the Drudge headline article almost always is about something I really should know especially if it is about government and politics. To the disdain of main stream media,The Drudge Report is getting more Internet followers every day while newspapers are cutting staff.

After looking over this blog,, I found gadgets I have never heard about...this is bad for me being a techie here at IUSB. The open source gaming platforms have really piqued my interest as well as other tech goodies. I like the style and the varity of posts covering current events as well as techie news. I will have to add this to my favorites list.

Another techie blog is all about what geeks love, fancy new gadgets of all kinds. The entries cover items ranging from video cards to 1.5 inch thick 36 inch LCD TV's. What else would a geek want? Well forget I asked that ...but I need to spend more time here because I am sorely lacking in the latest/greatest in new technology.